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Health ~ N ~ Fitness
The Call To Change ........The Face Of MS

I feel
passionate life with MS doesn't have to be a life once lived, dreams faded and days of just memories of what could of.  It can be a life filled with an abundance dreams and never ending memories ... living beyond your potential
With each dream a goal is established...with each goal a dream is made!!

 Health ~ N ~ Fitness

Step 1 - Nutrition and Fitness
This fitness and health journey of concentrating on my diet, excercise program, allowed me to look holistically at my health, encompassing my exercise program, diet and taking control of my life. Prior to my diagnosis with MS, I was diagnosis with Degenerative Disc Disease, from a near fatal car accident at the age of 17. Leaving me with chronic lower back pain, months and periods of time of struggling with my physical health. I sought out many treatments, physical therapy, injections, medications etc, with little to no relief. Through riding Horses, utilizing and stretching my lower back seemed to be the most impactful. I had always been an athlete therefore loosing my physical ability was difficult for me to deal with. However not truly until the diagnosis of MS did it really hit me, the health, my ability that I knew, I didn't' truly see and respect it as a gift, it wasn't something just owed to me. Therefore this newer diagnosis, this new challenge made me really look deep at what more, I could be doing “Holistically” to improve the quality of my life, focus on the symptoms I suffered daily and try to effect change. With a more holistic approach with a few diet changes, core muscle and fitness training, reducing my fat intake, increase my protein through lean meats, careful review of my Vit’s and increase my fluid intake with water and eliminate soda, allowing me to holistically impact my physical and mental health.

I suffered chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, difficulty with concentration and at times cognitive issue which made spelling and sentence construction often difficult, loss of taste, loss of partial vision due to a 6th nerve palsy as a result of optic never damage from my original onset of MS. I didn't’ approach my physical and mental health holistically, as that would impact my symptoms, putting all the pieces together like a puzzle creating the best plan for me. What could I change? Did my diet really have an impact? Did I need to add things and eliminate things to my diet? Holistically could I look at things differently? Started to really look into possible diet changes, fitness changes, joined a Fitness Center and started to really feel empowered by the positive energy.  I stared inquiring about diets, reading more, began to really educate myself about my diet and excercise choices. I began to concentrate more on my diet with proteins- lean meats, (I had been a semi vegetarian)  had chronic low B12 related to the MS. People started to notice a difference in my physical and my mental awareness, others started asking me about my fitness program, my diet, my illness. "People I knew with MS, started to see a new way to live!" I then, was approached to be a spokes person for MS- as the call to change!!  Thought to myself..... can I? Should I? Can I really help?  My neurologist- felt I was a excellent candidate- as a force to be reckon with and a leader for others that struggle.... He stated,  "You are a person that has made the faces change and and empowered others......You are have stamping out and helping MS stand for mystery solved" !!

Step 2 - Figure Competition

Please join me in step 2....... of the Call To Change The Face Of MS
Life and living can be possible... through believing in your ability to fight!!

 As I begin this journey, I challenge my friends/family with or without a chronic illness, and those that have felt powerless in their journey, or those looking to get healthy and fit to take this journey and travel with me, explore the unknown and discover what lies living past your potential with exploration of your nutrition and fitness program

Stay Tuned........ 
I will be posting update, pics and health tips... including pictures from competition ~ Photo shoots!!  Feel free to ask and inquire!!!  Have an incredible day, Holly, aka Flexy

Competition Accomplishments

Competition Accomplishments
I have competed in Figure-Woman’s Physique in the past ~ and my true love is Bodybuilding
* IFPA Pro Woman’s Bodybuilding Sept 2011
*IFPA Master Pro Cup > St Louis 5th - 2012
*IFPA Pro International> Kansas City KS, didn’t place in top 5, 2012
*IFPA Master Pro Cup > St Louis 5th - 2014, didn’t place in top 5
*NGA Potomac Pro > VA, 2nd
* National Figure Qualifier 2011
* National Figure Jr Qualifier 2011
* National Woman’s Bodybuilder Qualifier 2011
*Top 15 in Woman’s Physique at the IFBB North American Championships - Cleveland 2011
* Champion Muscle Classic Woman’s BB - Ft Wayne 2010
* Champion at Indiana Muscle and Hoosier Muscle 2010
* Champion at Midwestern States in open and masters 2010
Fitness Modeling Accomplishments

Top 100 sexiest Fitness Models For Status Fitness Magazine ~
* Featured in Status Fitness Magazine the Sept issue 2011
* Featured in RX Muscle/Rx Girl
* Featured in x 2, Featured as the Athlete of the month
* Featured in KickAss Woman x 2 'Turning Heads" and “Woman to watch for in the Industry”
* Featured in IFitFamily as the featured inspirational story

Life accomplishments ~
* Published Author
* Nominated for the CNN 2010 Hero's Award
* Nominated as ~ Who's Who Most successful Professionals for 2011
* My Book “Finding Me” is an nationally approved fundraiser for the National MS Foundation.

* Wellness Champion with my employer to help motivate others with weight issues


Named Top 100 Sexiest Fitness Models for 2010 by Status
 Fitness Magazine ~
Thank You  my amazing friends for you support and votes ~ holly 

Hoosier Muscle July 2010 - Took 3rd on Open Figure ~ This qualified me for the Jr Nationals and the Nationals!!

Photo Shoot In Ohio with the Amazing Bill Evans

Picture from The Midwest Ironman In Chicago Nov 2010

Pictures coming from 2012 Pro season.... 

Potomac Pro Cup 2014

Scheduled Photo Shoots
~ 2011

* Ft Lauderdale with Claude Taylor Jan 2011 and April 2011

Jan 2011 Shoot " Thank You Claude"... your simply amazing

April 2011 Shoot ~ Thanks You Claude - again your talent leaves me speechless..

2012 Projects 

 Currently working hard at brainstorming ideas for up and coming clothing line developed called ‘Flexy by Design’ ~  the ‘Get SEXY ‘n’ FLEX’ line with a variety of slogans that are fitting to the everyday fitness person to the hardcore competitor.

 I am also working on publishing my second book called ‘The Companion’; it is a collection of inspiration poems and daily quotes that are easily applicable to everyone.  I believe in writing in a metaphoric form with reframing a negative thought or idea into a positive thought to restructuring the way we see things, the world and each other.  In hopes to possible help guide and help others see HOPE

 I’ve been travelling quite a bit doing photo shoots for fitness/fashion and glamour – Just completed two; one in Virginia and South Carolina and NYC, Maryland in February and World Physique Magazine in March in North Carolina.

As far as competitions, I am planning on doing the April NPC Natural show in Indianapolis. This is a Team Universe qualifier and I will be competing in the Woman’s Physique class. After that I am planning my first Pro show in St Louis in Mid July.”



Look for me in the FIRST 2012 Hoosier Fit Expo  - Join me in celebrating this opportunity as a Guest Poser and Speaker - I will be presenting a workshop on Health, Fitness and Working out with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

2012 Photo Shoots

Stay Tuned............... For some amazing images from After Six Photography by Chaz Wheeler - Shoot location = Paradise or some call it Hawaii

A few images  to show his amazing work UNTIL these images and MORE can be found in an upcoming Coffee table book C0- Authored by myself and Chaz Wheeler - This will be a collection of images from in Hawaii and my poetry


AMAZING Miami with the more AMAZING Claude Taylor

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