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 I absolutely love to read other interpretations of my writing...when a reader abstractly looks at them......reads them, applies them to their own personal story!! Makes me go WOW

Truly when you pick up a book,  listen to a song sung, view a piece of art hanging on the wall.....we internalize it and often find commonality of how the art relates to our past, present or future. So in that, when I receive a review it makes my heart warm to read the readers depiction of the writing.......

Stay tuned....
Working on the next book  ~ Hidden Hilo.  A book of inspirational poetry and quotes.


I would love nothing more than to post your personal review of Send me your thoughts and comments via "Contact Us" tab or email @ I will post your review!!! 

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Thanks to all my readers
Holly Stanbrough

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5.0 out of 5 stars
By  B. Jeffery
WOW, how inspiring the author's journey was - and is. This book of poetry is a must read. It offers inspiration for those who might need it, but also for those who feel they don't. As a reader, you will feel the heartache, frustration, and disbelief as this author relates her journey - you will also feel her inner peace and happiness.

The character of this author is revealed in her words. What an amazing way to share this author's wonderful legacy.

 Review from
5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME !!
By  E. Stewart 
A very inspiring and empowering collection of poems from the author!! The life experiences that were embraced, endured and shared on paper for every individual to read and associate within your own life is very dramatic. I recommend the purchase of this book and believe through these poems that they may help you find some answers, peace, and comfort on the path you walk.

Mark Said.....

Holly your book is outstanding work; you are a very talented lady. 
I like your writing style.  Through your writing in verse, your work initiated and cultivated thoughts, memories, and feelings as it related to me.  Your work is abstract enough to do that, but yet points me toward a direction of thought.  The bubble comments are also a really cool way of you pointing me in that direction.  (I've never seen that before; good idea!).  I have read several of your poems but intend to "sip my wine and not guzzle it".  So I will keep the book in arm's reach.  
I'm sure you will get as many comments and interpretations as readers, but I really liked "A Smile Beneath".  I was a shy child through youth and young adulthood, and hid my feelings and reactions.  I guess I never equated it to fear, but it really was.  I have been able to deal with shyness over the years but it has been painful and I still encounter these feelings periodically.  I think all these things we learn about ourselves (ie through your book), should be brought to our attention so we again realize where we came from, how far we have come, and serve as awareness to how we react to certain things today.  And you have done a great job of developing a tool to do just that!
I also particuarly liked "Leave Another Day".  The felling of being in love is awesome.  Knowing we have found true love, and "The One" we will always be with, imparts a sense of tranquility and calmness.  But then when we find the love was not really true, what pain we must endure.  It is good to know there is still hope for the hopeless romantic!
So I have begun the journey for me and with it comes one of my favorite comments, "You never know!"
Thank you for sharing and helping
Lee Russell said:  
Holly, You and I have "bumped into each other"......although, not literally. We have got to know each other through our emails.....and yet it's easy to detect the "gifts" that you posess. As you know.....I just recieved your book a couple of days ago. I have read and enjoyed several of your poems......but wish to reserve opinion of my favorite, until after I have "soaked up" the entire book. It was Francis Bacon that once said: "Some books are to be tasted.......others to be swallowed.......and some few to be chewed and digested." Your book clearly is one to be digested. Holly, your courage, your strength, and your determination is, and should be, an inspiration to everyone. I am happy and proud to call you my friend. Lee


Sherm said:
Holly your story is an inspiration and a lesson for all of us, regardless of where we are in life.  It is my hope that many will come to know you in some way and knowledge of your poetry.  Picking just one is so difficult.  The poem called "Why" is very touching but I will choose, "Did You Ever Wonder".  The reason is life is a gift and should be cherished every day no matter what measure of health we possess, because of days are numbered. 
Thank You
Daryl said:
This woman is a pure delight to know!  The book is the window to your soul.....and it reflecks so many who have struggled with life, who have been bruised and hurt, and yet come out striving for more of the good stuff!  What an honor to know you!!

Marks said......
I believe your poem "Music of Love" answers those questions.  Can the others accept us for who we are, however ugly and imperfect we may be?  Can the person show happiness for us, as we succeed, and allow our moment to be special for us? Can the person experience our or their pain, and live it, not ignore it, but understand it is part of life and life's struggles; totally natural and beautiful in it's own way. 

Not many people can delve into their own mind, our even care to; and want to learn and understand who they really are.  

I believe you have great courage to not only to want to do exactly that, but are willing to share with others your own thoughts and feelings with hope they to will learn from your examples.

Kindest regards,


Simply one of the most powerful poems you have written....I am a loss for words.....This has touched me in so many ways...Thank You

Just wanted to share the response I have had on "Emma's" poem..."Apple of God's Eye"....I am just at a lost for words.  feel absolutely blessed to have been given this opportunity to write for such a empower incredible child !!!!!  Wow Thank you, just don't know what to say.  But I so wanted to share it with you!!!  Check out the poem page to read Emma's poem and then log onto her website to see her!! 

Great. It is really good. You keep getting better and better. You made us all
cry because it fits her so

2)   Not only are you  beautiful, but you seem to attract it. The pictures on your farm, of your horses, and of your surroundings and of your daughter all are awesome.!

But what is most beautiful about you is your love of life and acceptance of life's challenges. In a world where everyone is challenged in so many ways, you chose to battle without cover, and with vigor, and courage and lead by example. You bring so much meaning to other's lives by your unselfish and humble ways. And I believe it is out of love for those you meet along the way. You truly are very special.

3)  Holly.........somebody.....(maybe me) needs to write a poem about you !!!!!  You keep doing and doing........inspiring and inspiring......and giving and giving......but some of us see a very special "beacon of light" in you.
Maybe YOU are "God's Angel"...... with invisible wings.

4)   The poem is absolutely wonderful.  A child is a blessing and God's vision.  A child is an extension of yourself..  You have hit the nail right on the head. 

5)  Holly.....beautiful
once again you have touched my heart and reached the "inner me" in the beauty of your verses........for that I thank you........

6)  WOW....simply amazing

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