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The Pleasure Is Ours

In Dedication
To those who have felt powerless in their journey     

 We are strong but together we are stronger

Written for the upcoming book "Hidden Hilo"  
The more I read this the more I enjoy it....I found in my heart, one I felt i have lived, the one I have experienced, the sadness sometimes we feel when we encounter incredible life changing challenges.  Hidden Hilo" has given me a new place for my writing.  While looking at this journey, this opportunity to write outside my comfort, outside the boundaries, I have written before BUT this book has given me a new feeling serenity a way to help fight - help cope - help LIVE through my writing, a new way to SEE HOPE

So in that I find this book, more and more truly empowering for has given me something I wasn't expecting.  Just as life,,,,,,,gives us journeys....our ability to see them our choice.  I have found this journey truly wonderful....

  I hope you enjoy -I now have found a new place for my writting!! 
Please journey with me my lastest poem

"Seek Beyond"

Look beyond what you see

 Seek beyond what you think

 Theirs much more to me

 Deeper than skin deep

 It’s not a game of popularity

 Or red carpet success to me

 It’s about BECOMING the best of me

 Seek to know

 Put aside assumptions

 Or what you think know

 See beyond the object that’s simply stands before the’

 YOU shall begin to see

 What becoming the best of me means


 Seek inquisitively

 Beyond the face, a figure or success of the’

 Don’t see it for what it used to be

 Look at it as a new piece of work

 My portrait

 A work of art

 Created from passion and purpose

 Seek what’s beyond the frame

 People “want” to be found

 People “want” to be SEEN beyond

 Just the lines

 Seek what fills the canvas

 Beyond what you see

 It’s the fear of not being found

 Isn’t that we are inadequate

 It’s that we are not seen for who we are

 We climb the ladder to success

 Walk the carpet adorned from the past


 Many will never see

 For what’s beyond

 If they don’t SEEK to see

 Inquiry brings the story to life


 One must read to understand the novel

 Begin by

 SEEKING beyond



 We can make more friends in a few months by SEEKING BEYOND - than we will EVER make in a life of trying to get people interested in us

 READ Beyond the cover







Let me know your favorite poem from the book ......  I will post it as the Pick Of The Day

Todays pick is for anyone who has questioned themselves !!

Check it out....!!!
My live interview with Greg Garrison 93.1 WIBC Radio Show

Thank You ....To the Greg Garrison show.
I am grateful for having the opportunity to share this journey with him and his listeners!!

To listen to the live interview click the link below.......Scroll to about 70 minutes into the show and you will...Find my interview...
Hope You Enjoy!!

As each day passes I've tried to focus on life's blessings.  One of my true blessings has been my illness; it has given me an opportunity to see life with new vision.......things that were always in front of me ...I see with new clarity.   This journey, I truly have embraced and accepted it as life’s gift.  

 Embrace the incredible person you are, never forget the wonderful impact you bring to those you encounter....because you are important  

Beyond the Trees


Beyond the trees

Is difficult to see
I ask myself

Was this day

A rewarding day

Did I do the world justice

Am I deserving

On this passing day

Will there ever be

A day

The vision comes so naturally


I won’t question

The person I am

As I see through the trees


Have I forgotten the true reason to be here

A suttle voice
Speaks to me
It comforts me

As I begin to see

Things so differently
The vision I see
just beyond

The trees

Becomes so clear

It was always there

Just couldn’t see it

With the fog before me

The questions within me

The doubt I had

Made it difficult for me to

To see

Just beyond the trees



Now clearly I see

No longer fear or question

What’s beyond the trees
It’s not the house I live in

Money or material things

The possessions I keep

It’s not what others see

Wish or judge me to be


I walk so easily

My eyes open to see

What God has given me

The vision to see through the trees

On this passing day

I see me

 Don’t fear what’s beyond the trees
Walk freely and openly

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