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The Pleasure Is Ours

Finding Me
In This Castle Built For Me......

finding the unknown is nothing but unexplored serenity

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About the Book

Life experiences, lessons and visions through positive and difficult encounters.  Learning from each experience in an impactful ever changing way.  Each poem is a life lesson that can be applied to anyone and help them feel empowered to find the beauty within.

Book layout

separated into 6 sections

Ø      The Castle Built For me
Ø      The Unexpected Road
Ø      Finding Me
Ø      Love Unconditionally
Ø      True Blessings To me
Ø      Did You Ever Wonder

Each section containing 6-11 poems with a page called journal thoughts for the day.  The journal thoughts for the day are bubble quotes taken from each poem. The life lesson, positive way to see the world and embrace life, embrace you.  As well as a blank page for the reader to write their own thoughts for the day.  What the poem meant to them, the positive lesson learned. 

I hope to capture readers looking for life's answers to those so often asked questions.  However not by giving them the answers, cause each person needs to find their own answers, travel their road and take their own journey, I hope this book of poems helps them find the path meant for them, to be used as a tool, a self help book to find the peace so many look for and struggle along their way.

 The hope to be impactful to anyone that has struggles in their journey, or knows someone that has struggled.  Young teens/adults that have suffered abuse, trauma or major illness or loss by this allowing them an avenue to work through their questions.  

About the Author

My journey began several years ago when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.   This devastating and often disabling disease which attaches the central nervous system left me questioning my future.  The fear I experienced was breathtaking; felt I was losing control of my life, the goals; the dreams I had were quickly fading.  I began to write, searching for answers.  My journey opened a new way of life for me, a new way to look at the future.  I began a fierce determination to beat this disease, to live my dreams and be impactful in the future for others.  I realized this journey was going to be life changing an opportunity for me to find peace and answers I had been searching for, years before the diagnosis of this illness.  However, I was never forced to look at my life internally from my soul.  I always felt that I had another day, another week, or another year to find the answers to live my dreams and build my future. This journey allowed me to find myself.


I wanted to share this journey, the fears, the thoughts, my life through poetry hoping to give others positive energy to fight, to live, to find themselves and live their life peacefully.  Together we can fight a bigger battle. Please join me in my fight against this devastating disease as well as other life experiences and challenges.  A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to research to fight MS.

Thank you,

Holly Stanbrough RN BSN FN

Each illustration represents a poem in the book.

Today I Pray

Castle Built For Me


In My Daughters Eye's

Do You Hear Me

The Beauty Within Me

A Village No More

The Beauty I See

Did You Ever Wonder

Love Unconditionaly
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