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The Call To Change......The Faces of MS

I am beginning a new journey, I am fortunate to have been given this opportunity to share my passion ~ The passion to impact and inspire others through fitness..... Now, I ask all of my friends with or without a chronic illness, those that have felt powerless in their journey, or those looking to get healthy and fit to take this journey and travel with me!! 

I feel passionate to help others that suffer with chronic illness. I challenged everyone to help me in this Call to Change the faces of MSIt does not have to be a life once lived, dreams faded, and days of just memories of what could can be, dreams, goals, and a life of living, dreams made come true, making memories and living beyond your potential!




    There is several ways I could describe myself -

    Mother – Sister – Career Woman – Published Author –Pro Bodybuilder – Fitness Model BUT the one that describes me PERFECTLY with the MOST honor is; I’m a SURVIVOR. Living with a chronic illness gives a new meaning of life to me. My journey began when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, now currently fighting this battle with fierce will. In 2002, I lost partial ability to walk, speak and partial ability to see leaving me paralyzed in fear. This devastating and often disabling disease left me questioning my life, my future; hence my passion to change the FACE’s of MS to HOPE. This passion has grown larger than fighting for me; it’s snowballed into FIGHTING for many. My passion as grown to help others that suffer with chronic illness – sorrow – despair – tragedy and simply a loss of self-worth > I challenge all of us to work together changing > HOPELESS to HOPE – PURPOSELESS to Purpose and WORTHLESS to SELF WORTH.

    Whats been GOING on and Whats happening :)

    Has finally arrived, after years of putting my heart and soul to paper, the release of my second book Hidden Halo is here!   The feeling is surreal, intangible and words cant describe this journey.  I can only HOPE, you enjoy Hidden Halo as much, as I've had putting it to paper!

    Currently available on Amazon and Author House Publishing - Barns and Noble, Boarders Books and book stores nationwide to follow within few weeks   


    Modeling 2015 ~
    The 40-OVER -40 WOMAN
    MUSCLE & FITNESS - by Jeffery Glasser
    Friends this is an amazing book packed full of inspiring woman captured by Jeff- Im humbly honored to not only have a feature in this book but to be the COVER Model :) What a way to represent the MS Warriors

    NOW avaiable to purchase on > humbled by  opportunity this is such an amazing book packed full of inspirational woman ALL over wonderful 40 :)

    Photo Shoots

    • Jeffery Glasser - Project 40 Muscle and Fitness
    • GudePro Photography/Video

 Modeling - 2014    Photo Shoots

  • Jeffrey Glasson - NIGHTWING Photo - July 2014
  • Jeffrey Glasser - NIGHTWING Photo - Nov 2014
  • Jeffrey Glasser - NIGHWING Photo -Video Book Promo - Nov 2014..
  • Rick Morrison - Las Vegas Oct 2014


I had the honor to compete at my First Pro Bodybuilding show in St Louis July 7th - followed by Kansas City Kansas,Sept 2012. What a year of opportunities, being able to compete at that level is something i never imagined especially as a MS Survior. Thank you to everyone that wrapped there arms around me near and far, put me in their thoughts and prayers through this incredible journey - truly was a powerful year reaching and touching many lives - thank you            


Had to take 7 months off from lifting to allow my shoulder and bicep to heal from reconstructive surgery. I had a complete separation of my shoulder and bicep detachment - from an old horse riding injury "12 yrs ago"!  It decided to simply come apart :( therefore, I took advantage of my recovery time, and traveled quite a bit doing photo shoots > Look for me in a few publications; World Physique Magazine -Rx Girl by Rx Muscle - Kickass Woman, Muscle Dog and Inspirational Woman... I ended the year off with an incredible photo shoot in Hawaii > yes, Hawaii!!  I still sit in awe with each one of these humbling opportunities, what an experience > what a BLESSING!


  • June 28th St Louis MO Masters Pro Cup - Did not finish in top 5
  • Aug 2 - Potomac Pro Cup VA - 2nd

Speaking Engagements



Indianapolis Diversity counsel

Topics of discussion

  • Faces of MS
  • What a serious illness teaches you about life
  • Hidden blessing found in tragedy   

 The Flip Zone Gymnastic > Athletes ages 6-18

 Topics of discussion

  • Why we train
  • What a true champion is
  • Turning disappointments into successes
  • Why we should NOT size up the competition

 The Flip Zone Gymnastic > Open to athletes and parents

 Topics of discussion

  • Changing the WHY ME into WHY NOT ME
  • Opportunities are only opportunities if we do something with them
  • Take the despair and fine the purpose

 Excellence IN Fitness

 Topics of discussion

  • Nutrition and Training
  • Changing WHY me into “WHY NOT ME”

 Fit Expo – Bloomington IN

 Topics of discussion                

  • Changing the Faces of MS to HOPE
  • Changing the “never road” to the “THE ONLY ROAD”
  • Turning struggles into success and obstacles into opportunities


- Indianapolis Diversity counsel – Changing Struggle into Success

- The Flip Zone Gymnastic –  Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

- Excellence IN Fitness – Health is Your Wealth

- Fit Expo – Bloomington IN- Health is Your Wealth

- Acorn Distributor Indianapolis, Indiana /Ohio- Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

- The 20th Annual Mental Health Symposium – Suicide Awareness and Prevention 

- 2017 & 2018 & 2019 -Probation Officer Annual Meeting- Suicide Awareness and Prevention 

- 2017 & 2018 & 2019  Justice Service Conference- Suicide Awareness and Prevention 

- Psychiatric Power Hour – Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale

- 2018 IMPD - Crisis Specialist and Mobile Team-   Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale

  Hidden Halo    
A few quotes from my latest book "Hidden Hilo"  

Each day is more important than the previous ~ as today you have been blessed with one more day. Friends don't simply look forward without applying yesterdays lessons and opportunities to this day. For today you have been given the biggest gift of all ~ THE GIFT of LIFE..

Practice today in making you a better you tomorrow 

Wake with passion to help/ set the burdens aside in see the blessings ...
Friends as you lay your head upon the pillow say grave to those whom will not wake to what you have the honor of!

Life's not owed to us / is bestowed upon us as gift

Life is precious – LIVE it. Love is possible – GRAB it. Anger is stagnating
– DUMP it. Fear is paralyzing – FACE it.  Friends things are beautiful, because the "heart" choses to see it that way

The beauty of Life's not owed to us - its bestowed upon us as gift 

Remember STAY TUNED...... 

Preview of few shoots
by Jeffery Glasser NIGHTWING .. Look for images in The Project 40  Muscle & Fitness book                                       



Stay tuned ....SMILE while you wait :)


 American Curves Magazine
- 2018 4th Edition Limited Edition 
-2019 American Curves Calendar 
-2019 American Curves Magazine 5th Edition 
Get your copy





With each dream a goal is established...with each goal a dream is made!!


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Join me in this journey
Change the face of MS

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Approved as a third party fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

I will be donating a portion of the book sales to the National MS Foundation to help fight for a cure!

We are strong but together we are

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